I am a researcher with ROC team of CEDRIC Lab at CNAM.

My research activities deal with:

Internet of Things, Security and Trust, Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning & Homomorphic Encryption
  • Building intelligent and trusted environments in vehicular networks
  • Security key management in IoT networks
  • Security services management centered on trust for 5G

Publications see here.

PhD students currently co-supervised: 

  • Yulliwas AMEUR (Cnam – ROC/MSDMA, PhD topic: Exploring the Scope of Machine Learning using Homomorphic encryption under missing data in IoT/Cloud)
  • Julien DEPAILLAT (Cnam – EESD/CEDRIC, PhD topic: Hybrid semi-supervised IDS for embedded systems)
  • Mamoudou SANGARE (Cnam/Inria, PhD topic: Exploring Prediction Strategies in Vehicular Networks through Machine Learning and Hybrid Intelligence
  • Mohammed NAFI (Univ. Béjaia, PhD topic: Key management in IoT networks)
  • Nabila DJENNANE (univ. Tizi-Ouzou, PhD topic: Intelligent Resource allocation in Data Centers) 


  • Sarra MEHAMEL (PhD topic: New intelligent caching and mobility strategies for MEC/ICN based architectures)  – PhD defense october 2020.
  • Amar ABANE (PhD topic: A realistic named data networking architecture for the Internet of things)  – PhD defense Dec. 2019
  • Youcef OULD-YAHIA (PhD topic: Proposition d’un modèle de sécurité pour la protection de données personnelles dans les systèmes basés sur l’internet des objets) – PhD defense June 2019
  • Thinh LE VINH (PhD topic: Security and Trust in Mobile Cloud Computing) – PhD defense Dec. 2017.
  • Fatiha HOUACINE (PhD topic: Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile Cloud Computing Services) – PhD defense November 2016.
  • Julien CORDRY (PhD topic: La mesure de performance dans les cartes à puce) – PhD defense November 2009.